About Home Repair

Habitat will complete projects using federal funds administered by Thurston County. The source of funds is the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG). To participate in this program, you will be required to accept and meet the requirements of these federal funds and the policies of Thurston County.

In general, there are three categories of assistance available. Each category of assistance has different requirements. The following table details documentation requirements and the term of the loans.

Assistance Category Documentation Loan Term
$0 to $2,500 Minor Home Repair Construction contract and warranty agreement N/A
$2,501 to $10,000 Minor Rehabilitation If a mobile home: UCC Fixture Filing, promissory note, loan agreement, construction contract, and warranty agreement. Otherwise: a promissory note, deed of trust, loan agreement, construction contract, and warranty agreement 5 years
$10,001 or more Major Rehabilitation 20 years

For minor home repairs, the assistance provided is considered a grant that does not need to be repaid. For rehabilitation projects, the assistance provided is considered a loan that is only payable during the loan term if the property transfers ownership, or the current use of the property changes (e.g. if you rent your home to a tenant). These loans are provided by Thurston County. The interest rate is 0% (0% APR). There is no monthly payment. The amount of the loan is the cost of construction. The loan is forgiven at the end of the loan term. Other terms and conditions may apply.