How it Works

Basic Process

  1. Contact us or let us know you’re interested by completing our contact form. We’ll follow up with you and send you the program interest form (it is also below).
  2. Complete the program interest form and send it to Habitat.
  3. We will follow up with you to assess your eligibility. We intend to complete our initial assessment within 30 days of receiving the program interest form.
  4. If you appear to be eligible, we will schedule an initial home visit to assess your home repair needs.
  5. If your project appears to be within our ability to complete, we will provide a program application to complete. Please note that we will require documentation of the information you list on the application.
  6. Once you submit a complete program application, we will finalize our assessment of your eligibility and project scope of work. We intend to complete this assessment within 30 days of receiving a complete program application.
  7. If we select your project, we will complete a final scope of work, project contract, and other required program forms.

Timeline & Limitations

Habitat intends to make a reasonable effort to complete rehabilitation activities as soon as reasonably possible; however, because of changes in circumstances and uncertainty regarding future funding and donations, Habitat does not guarantee any project will be accepted or completed. In addition, while a project is under consideration, Habitat cannot guarantee a completion date, contract price, market valuation, or budget of the project. Construction is contingent upon available funding; permitting and periodic inspections by public agencies; weather; and other conditions incidental to residential construction activities. All terms herein are subject to change and final approval by Habitat and Thurston County. No oral agreements or oral commitments shall be made. All representations, terms, agreements, and commitments require the prior written agreement of the parties concerned.

No Obligation to Proceed

If you are not satisfied for any reason with specific details of the plans, features, price, construction schedule or any other matter, you may withdraw from the program at any time prior to signing a contract or closing, without penalty. The receipt of any document including any required disclosures of the terms of your loan and closing costs does not obligate you to proceed, or commit you to accept the terms and conditions provided therein.